To old Zenon’s house pays visit Achill:
«I can’t catch a tortoise — is this what you said?
That’s terribly wrong, I could do it uphill,
The people are laughing, this makes me upset.

Your strange paradox is no more an enigma.»
Zenon is surprised: «So what’s the equation?»
«I can’t write it down in gamma or sigma,
Solution is simple — I need motivation,

It makes no fun to catch old cracky tortoise.»
«That’s logical nonsense, your speedy my dear,
It doesn’t all matter who is on your purpose.»
«It does, — Achill smiles, — Just let it be deer.»

«So let it be deer, — Zenon is replying, —
The young and the pretty, and fearful one,
She runs fast as only a bird can be flying,
Achill cannot catch her, this work’s never done.»

The hard pursuit starts for the fun of observers,
Achill runs as crazy, and wonder they whether
Can he catch the deer… Is’t what she deserves?
The problem is solved — they run away together…

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